March 1, 2009

ETSU Basketball Game

By Elizabeth

I went to an ETSU Buccaneers basket ball game with my Upward team. The most enjoyable part for me was getting all the free stuff. First, there was free food, so I chose to have a hotdog, chips, and lemonade. While we were eating, a man went around giving out foam swords that said “The Power of Blue”. Then, I got a frisbee that was white and had the ETSU mascot on it. Later, every one got a t-shirt that was either white or blue. I chose a white one, because I like that color. Finally, after about two hours we left with all of our loot and went home.
By Ronnie

When I went to the ETSU versus Jacksonville women’s basketball game, I was very excited, for this was the first game I have ever been to. The game was held in a hanger looking place. I was rooting for ETSU, and so were most of the people there.

When we got inside there were free hot dogs and hamburgers, so we ate before the game started. When the game started ETSU was losing! During halftime, cheerleaders came out and did back flips and other cool tricks. People passed out free shirts and Frisbees, but I only got a shirt.

After half-time, we were winning and I was happy. The other team was trying their best to catch up, but there was only one minute on the clock, and the score was 74 to 85, so there was no way they could catch up.

When ETSU had won, we went to a different part of the hanger to get the cheerleaders and basketball players to sign our shirts. We left after we got their autographs. I can’t wait to go to another game!

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