October 22, 2011

Wildlife in the Front Yard

You gotta love it when the nature comes to you! This picture was taken through the window of my laundry room, looking out over the front porch. I was actually standing on my treadmill as I took it.

If you look close, right below the wheel of the car, on the bricks, you can see a chipmunk.  He is so cute! His home is in the tuft of grass to the left of him. There is the rotting out root system of a tree that used to stand there long before we moved here, and I've found it impossible to fill in with dirt. When that plant grew up there, I was happy because it kind of covered the hole.

Now the little chipmunk has moved in there.  As I walk on the treadmill in the morning I watch him doing his little morning routine. Here's hoping kitty doesn't get him!

Is he not the cutest thing?!

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