November 13, 2008

John McCain Rally

John McCain Rally
by Lizzy

On November 3, 2008, we went to a rally for John McCain. We had to wait in a long line to get through security. When we got in the hanger it was very crowded so that anyone under six feet could barely see. We listened to many politicians speak, and one of the Statler Brothers sang. We all sang songs, like "America the Beautiful", the "National Anthem", and "Rocky Top". I liked it best when he sang "Pretty Woman" and dedicated it to Sarah Palin. After our intense wait we saw John McCain's plane finally landed. We held the little kids on our shoulders so they could see, until we had to put them down because we ached. John McCain got on stage and talked about all sorts of issues including the coal mines. We listened to him for about twenty minutes before he had to leave. When he got on the plane we waved goodbye, then waited for the big hanger doors to open. We rushed out, all eager to sit in the car after three hours of standing.

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