November 17, 2008

The Niagara Falls

By Ronnie
Niagara falls is beautiful. You can take a boat up to the falls where you get soaked even though you have a poncho on. The falls are 180 feet tall and are very misty. The Niagara River is in both Canada and America; half goes to each country. You can get in the falls or stand as high as the falls by climbing more than 100 steps to get to a platform that is right next to the falls. When it's a nice sunny day, a beauty full rainbow appears. It's a really neat thing to see.

By Lizzy
My dad took me and my brother to Niagara Falls where we rode a big boat called Maid of the Mist. Before we got on, we had to put on a big blue poncho. We got on the boat and saw it had two levels, but, of course we rode up top. We learned that the US Canada border is in the middle of the falls. When we went by the falls it was very loud, like a roaring train passing by with a thousand carts. We all got very wet. It was like a massive thunder storm without lightning. Boy, am I glad I wore that big poncho.

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