April 22, 2009

4th Annual Homeschool Field Day

Our friend A.C. puts together a Field Day at church each year for homeschoolers. She has to limit the number of people involved, because it's such a popular event. This year there were 100 kids participating.

Teams are divided up evenly, so that each team has equal strength. Britany and Alli were on the same team, but everyone else was on a teams mostly of people they didn't know, so they made new friends.

One of the games was finding out information about your teammates, but most of the games were relay type games. Everyone had a great time!

Unfortunately, the light in the gym does not make for great pictures, but I thought you would want to see them anyway.

Mitchell doing a wheelbarrow race.

Alli doing the crab walk race.

Lizzie doing the 3 legged race.

Mitchell and his friend Caleb doing the 3 legged race.

Egg Race
Mitchell pictured above, Lizzy pictured below
Allison and Britany were on the Black Team. Alli wore out after a while and became the team secretary.

Gracie doing the Ball-Between-the-Knees Race. :)

Tug-of-War between teams.

Following the indoor games we had a water balloon fight and a treat of Popsicles.

Left to Right: Braden, Keegan, Mitchell, McKenna, Gracie, Lizzie, Allison and Britany.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting your pics. Our family lives and works in East Asia and we get together twice a month with several other families who also homeschool. We are planning a field day for our kids to participate in - won't be this big - but was just looking for some fun ideas for kids of various ages to participate in. This was really helpful. Thanks again!