May 22, 2009

Final Day of Coop For the Year

At the final Fourth-Friday Coop of the year we made Marshmallow Guns! They were pretty easy to make and the kids had a great time playing with them.

Alli had a little trouble figuring out how to use her gun. She kept sucking in her breath instead of expelling it, and her marshmallow kept flying into her mouth!

The big kids started a war. For the most part it was everyone else against Jessie!

After coop, we all stayed around for a bar-b-que. We each cooked up our own meat, and brought a side dish to share.

Then some of the kids played football.

When we finally decided to call it a day, we realized that we had been there for 8 hours or so! Of course, the kids said stuff like, "Awe! Why do we have to leave already!?"

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