May 1, 2009

White's Mill

Ronnie - We went to White's Mill in Abington, Virginia for a field trip. We went on a hike and were shown the river and mill pond that used to power the mill. When we got back from the hike, we went inside of the mill and saw all of the milling equipment. The stones that were in the flour mill weighed over 1000 pounds and were imported from France at around 1790. We learned a lot about milling on that field trip and it was really fun.

We took a short hike up to the mill pond where we ate our lunch and visited with friends.

The mill pond is up behind Alli. The dam has broken, so the creek runs right through it.

This picture shows the broken part of the dam. Previously the water was diverted from the mill pond down a side creek to power the mill.

The little kids really enjoyed the creek. The saw lots of little black snails.

Lizzie, Alli, Mary and Gracie sitting on the front porch of the mill.

From inside the building you can look down over the mill wheel.

Mr. Price showed us three different milling machines that have been used at that mill over the last 200 years.

This picture above shows how the building was constructed.

Above is Braden standing in front of the gears that propel the old mill.

We bought some corn meal that was ground there and made corn bread the next afternoon. Our favorite!

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