February 20, 2009

Hands On Museum

Everyone loves playing at the Hands on Museum. The stage and grocery store are all-time favorites. Here Alli is dressed up like a wizard. She also did a bit of hula hooping.

Gracie -
I was a bat. I love going on the stage. Mitchell and Braden played the guitar and I flew around in circles.

Gracie -
I love the grocery store at the Hands on Museum. My favorite part was going to get food. It was funny getting a whole bunch of it. We paid after we got all of our groceries. Alli got syrup and milk and fruit and orange juice.

Lizzie -
In the art room, they left out some material and some really fancy paper for everyone to make Valentine's cards. Some of us made Valentine's cards for our parents. Gracie made one for me.

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