February 23, 2009

Jamestown, VA God Speed

It was a very cold yet sunny Monday we went to Jamestown, Virginia to see what it was like to live when America first began. We saw many interesting things like the canons, the gunsmith and the church, but my favorite part was the God Speed. The God Speed was one of the first ships to land in America. This ship came from England with two other ships carrying one hundred forty-four men. Out of the three, the God Speed is the largest. It has three levels. On the bottom was the storage area where they kept their tools, extra food water and livestock. The next level up is where the crew spent most of their time and slept. The top level was the deck. The cook, the captain, and the ships boys slept on deck in cabins. For a little over two weeks into their journey they would eat meat. When their meat went bad or was gone they ate hard tack. Hard tack is a biscuit that is as hard as a block of wood. Their water lasted about the same amount of time as the meat, and when it was gone they drank beer. This journey across the ocean took a little over four months, but not a single sailor died which was really interesting. It was very crowded. I wouldn't be able to sail across the ocean for that long without getting sea sick.

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